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Utah Jazz Statistics: Frame of Reference for Raw Production over Playing Time, Adding in the 2012 All-Stars

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It's one thing to see the production over playing time thing for just our team. From that we can get some ideas about who is doing what for our team. I needed to simplify things here. Here's the ratio of the five total stats just straight up divided by the total minutes. If you are doing better with the time you have you will have a number greater than 1.00. This would be that player who is above that line (where the line is production being equal to playing time, y=x). Not the All-Stars this year are doing that. Take a look for yourself:

4.00 DeMarre Carroll UTA
1.23 LeBron James MIA
1.09 Kevin Durant OKC
1.08 Dwyane Wade MIA
1.08 Dwight Howard ORL
1.08 Kobe Bryant LAL
1.07 Kevin Love MIN
1.02 Russell Westbrook OKC
1.00 Blake Griffin LAC
0.99 Derrick Rose CHI
0.99 Al Jefferson UTA
0.97 Deron Williams NJN
0.96 Carmelo Anthony NYK
0.95 LaMarcus Aldridge POR
0.95 Andrew Bynum LAL
0.94 Dirk Nowitzki DAL
0.93 Paul Millsap UTA
0.93 Chris Paul LAC
0.91 Tony Parker SAS
0.90 Roy Hibbert IND
0.89 Steve Nash PHX
0.86 Chris Bosh MIA
0.86 Paul Pierce BOS
0.86 Rajon Rondo BOS
0.83 Marc Gasol MEM
0.78 Derrick Favors UTA
0.75 Enes Kanter UTA
0.75 Andre Iguodala PHI
0.72 Luol Deng CHI
0.72 C.J.Miles UTA
0.68 Alec Burks UTA
0.65 Jamaal Tinsley UTA
0.65 Devin Harris UTA
0.64 Josh Howard UTA
0.63 Jeremy Evans UTA
0.62 Gordon Hayward UTA
0.53 Earl Watson UTA
0.42 Raja Bell UTA

Again, DeMarre has played 1 minute for the Jazz, so his value is pretty much meaningless. The Top All-NBA Types are all pretty much above 1.00. Al Jefferson is really close. The rest of our team is much below. The reason why I seem infatuated with these amazing, talented, All-Stars who get picked for the All-NBA Teams is because the NBA league and refs cheat in favor of those guys. They get called for fewer fouls, and get to the foul line more frequently than they are fouled. The NBA cheats for them based on their rep. It's hard to win in the playoffs without rep. Don't believe me? Rewatch those three seasons in a row where the Jazz lost to the Lakers in the playoffs. It wasn't just rep that beat us, but rep made sure we weren't even close during our road games.

I want the Jazz to win in the playoffs. You need the best players leading your team. I don't think the Jazz are going to ever land a Top 15 NBA player via free agency. It's also very true that we may never ever trade for one during their peak. That leaves getting a Top 15 player via the draft. We've drafted some young guys, we need to find out sooner (not later) if any of them can be a Top 15 NBA player in the future. It's hard to find that out when you promote some guys who may not even be on the team while the youth are still under contract.

But that's my point of view. Maybe the Jazz can win in the playoffs without a single guy who is a Top 15 NBA player. Historically, the NBA doesn't really work that way. But why should I let logic stop our front office?