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Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Regular Season Statistics: February

I decided to space things out at the end of the February / Beginning of March. Last month there were a ton of posts on that weekend when the month changed, and I think that didn't help the fans (ie. all of us) at all. So here are the stats for February. (Past Months: December, January)

This month we saw guys step up. Raja Bell stepped up bigtime with his shooting. His pathetic start to this season is far in the rear view mirror now. I think he'd be the first to admit that he didn't start the season like a starter. He was an absolute flame thrower last month, even though he missed 6 games to injury. Al Jefferson is another guy who stepped up, his fg% in Feb was higher than in December and January. He also performed on offense like a very legit 1st option (as seen in a Go Rating that's pushing 100.0). Paul Millsap regressed quite a bit though.

Alec Burks also stepped up big time because he got some actual minutes. He's actually our best on-the-ball defender this year. That is always nice to see.

Lastly, let's all give it up for Devin Harris. He didn't start the season off as bad as Raja did, but he really stepped up his game last month. I see you Devin.

Offensive Statistics:

I added yellow cell backgrounds for the high value for each category for each player class (Bigmen, Wing Players, or Point Guards).


Defensive Statistics: