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Utah Jazz Roster – Three reasons why I love DeMarre Carroll


To be perfectly fair, there really wouldn’t be a "Positivity Week" if I didn’t get a chance to run down our roster. I had a lot of medical appointments during the pre-season rundown of our team and was unable to participate then. Which sucks. So all in all, doing this is going to make up for it to a certain point.

In December, way back in 2011, DeMarre Carroll signed with the Denver Nuggets; and he was waived by them after 53 days. Utah Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor swooped in and signed him four days later. And Carroll was signed for the full season. I have no clue for how much though. Neither does @ShamSports either. We haven’t seen much of DeMarre Carroll this season. He has played in only one game, and played for a grand total of 3 minutes. There isn’t much to really say from his performance . . . but I do love him.

After the jump – Three reasons why I love DeMarre Carroll

#1: His Crazy Hair

We don’t have anyone on the team with really crazy hair this year. Devin Harris kinda has big lamb chop side burns, and Gordon Hayward goes with his teen wolf look from time to time. But it’s not like we have Andrei Kirilenko showing us the hottest new Euro-styles anymore. But we do have DeMarre this year. I don’t remember the last time we had a guy with dreadlocks. Actually, I don’t think we ever have had anyone who had them actually make the roster. Mikki Moore didn’t have full on dreads when he was on the Jazz, if my memory serves me. On a team that seems to lack that ‘zany factor’ (no Othyus Jeffers grandpa pants, no Kyrylo Fesenko . . .), DeMarre Carroll really stands out.

[Ed. Note: Removed a cool picture of DeMarre posing]



#2: His Crazy Name

I didn’t want to go there, especially since it’s not like I have a "normal" name either. (13 Vowels and 16 Consonants? Really Amar? If that is your real name?) I wish there was more to his performance this season for me to talk about, but man – Hot Rod would have had some trouble with this guy’s name. The double R, double R, double L name is truly rare. That said, I guess I feel some affinity to him as we seem to have the same root name group . . . all of us in the world named Amar, Lamar, LaMarcus, JaMarcus, Mark, DeMarr, DeMarre, and so forth. And Amar’e.


#3: He has a PER of 35.2

I don’t think PER is the be all and end all of statistics. I just find it’s amazing that he has a PER of 35.2, and he’s played only 3 minutes for the Utah Jazz this year. I know it’ll go down with more minutes played this year, but for now I gotta love him for giving his all in that one stint he had with us.