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Jazz Vs. 76ers Game Thread -- The City of Brotherly Defense

Game 38: Utah Jazz (19-19, 5-13 on the road) @ Philadelphia 76ers (23-17 15-8 at home)

The Jazz face off against the Sixers, a team that plays team defense. Fitting, as they are the city of brotherly love. Hey, this game thread kinda sucks, but considering how much work I've done over the last 36 hours (almost straight), I can live with it.

Liner Notes:

  • Spencer Hawes (Phi) is missing action because of a strained left Achilles
  • Thaddeus Young (Phi) is probable for tonight's game
  • Doug Collins (Phi) still hasn't accepted his Silver Medal from the Olympics
  • The Utah Jazz beat Philly way back in December. This is the 'revenge game'
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