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Utah Jazz April Birthdays

Happy Birthday Josh Howard !
Happy Birthday Josh Howard !

Yes, another month passes and we get another Jazz Birthday's Post! (Almost like clockwork)

This month we have a pretty interesting group, don't forget to say Happy Birthday in the comments section to any particular one you really care for (Moni . . . )

: )

  • April 1st: Mark Jackson
  • April 2nd: Randy Livingston
  • April 3rd: DeShawn Stevenson
  • April 7th: Thurl Bailey
  • April 8th: Tommie Green
  • April 13th: Corey Crowder
  • April 15th: My Heart and soul, I mean Raul Lopez
  • April 16th: Robert Whaley, Keon Clark, and John Block (trouble seems to follow people born on this day)
  • April 18th: Sundiata Gaines
  • April 19th: Scott Padgett
  • April 22nd: Darren Morningstar, and Spencer Haywood
  • April 23rd: Gail Goodrich
  • April 26th: Dick Miller
  • April 28th: Josh Howard
  • April 29th: Jason Hart
  • April 30th: Marty Byrnes

Happy Birthday everyone! If I had to pick a group of these guys to represent the month (say an 8 man roster?) I'd have to pick Mark Jackson, Gail Goodrich, Josh Howard, Spencer Haywood, and Thurl Bailey to start; with Raul Lopez, DeShawn Stevenson, and Keon Clark off the bench.

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