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That's 7 Hours a Day, 24 Weeks Out of the Year- The Downbeat - #724

That was close. I was right in the middle of putting together a eulogy on the Jazz season, when they made one last push to beat the Developmental League affiliate for the San Antonio Spurs. A win's a win, but your record also reflects what kind of team you are and that Jazz team last night, didn't look so hot. Despite all of this, the playoffs are still a real possibility, but one more unexpected loss will probably write the Jazz's tombstone.

It will be interesting to see how the Jazz address their future at the point guard spot this offseason. The Jazz could certainly draft a rookie point guard if they have one or two draft picks, but let's be honest. No rookie point guard is going to start for the Jazz next season. There are a couple of free agent point guards that would fit in really nicely here in Utah and that is Steve Nash and Goran Dragic. Nash is the better point guard right now and his desire to play for 3 more years, works really well with the Jazz's plans, since they could offer Nash something in the vicinity of 3 years, $24-30 million and trump other teams' offers.

Dragic is not as seasoned as Nash, but he would possibly come at a cheaper price tag. But Kyle Lowry's health issues couldn't have come at a better time for Dragic, since he has put up fantastic numbers as a starter in Lowry's absence. Someone is going to pay him.


Unfortunately, Portland will also pursue both Nash and Dragic in the offseason and they will not only be able to offer more money to those players, but also a starting point guard spot, since Raymond Felton will be a free agent and the Jazz will still have Devin Harris. I think the likelihood that Harris is the starting point guard for game one of next season for the Jazz is about 90% right now.

As soon as i spoke about the Jazz's good fortunes with injuries, we get news that Earl Watson is out indefinitely and CJ Miles is out at least a week. Tomorrow, Jazz employees are going to tell you how amazing Kevin O'Connor has been in compiling a roster that is able to absorb these injuries and how the Jamaal Tinsley and Demarre Carroll signings were so smart in hindsight. Okay. Tinsley was a smart hire, but honestly, has Carroll helped the Jazz win one game this year? i can't remember any. Basically I fault Kevin O'Connor for one major thing: if you are serious about competing for the playoffs, then you have no excuse for not having found a 3 point specialist to sign. They are a dime a dozen and some are still available. We have needed one since the day Kyle Korver walked out the door.

Just for fun I'll name 5 players the Jazz could have signed over say...Josh Howard for about the same money that would have made more sense:

Steve Novak

Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Anthony Parker

Reggie Williams

Michael Redd

One of the moves that KOC has orchestrated is the signing of Development-Leaguer, Blake Ahearn. Here's all you need to know about Ahearn courtesy of


It should also be noted that Ahearn's father, Steve Blake, of the LA Lakers, is really happy his son is back in the NBA.

If I could describe this Utah Jazz season in one sentence, I would do this: This Jazz team/organization play really hard, but not necessarily smart. What would your sentence be to describe this team/season?