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The 0-66 Edition- The Downbeat #725

Huge huge huge game tonight. The Rockets are sitting where the Jazz want to be and with a win we can be a 1/2 game within the playoffs.


The Jazz could be where Houston is sitting if they weren't 4-6 in their last ten games. They had that marvelous six game winning streak and then it kind of went to waste with how they've played since. But hey we did beat the Spurs #playoffpush!

P.S I do I really do want the playoffs but my hopes for the playoffs went out the window with that home loss to the Kings. I really hope the Jazz prove me wrong.

Things can be a lot worse than sitting 10th in the West, Jazz fans, according to the experts we could be....


Really?!!!!! I happened to be listening to the KFAN interview when I saw Moni's tweet. OK let me tell you I think Spence was kind of kidding but still, enough with all the losing when playing the young guys talk.

I am tired of this line of thought from certain members of the media. Its old and its ridiculous. Why would I even want to watch the Jazz if our young kids couldn't even get us ONE win without our mighty vets? Don't get me wrong, I love our vets, every. single. one. I love their heart, I love their dedication, I love that they are all good guys. But they are who they are and they are probably not the future of this team. The future of this team are those 4 young kids. Now if our future can't get us a single win, not even one by playing the majority of the minutes why am I investing my time and heart into this team?

John Stockton went to the Jazz game Monday night. I like John. I like John a lot, if it wasn't for John I probably wouldn't be a Jazz fan. When I was a kid I would ride my bike down Walker Lane (the street where John lived) just hoping he might be out in his yard or something. I never would have said hi, or asked for an autograph, I mean we all know how John is but I would just have liked to see him outside of a game.

If Stockton was our point guard we'd have no questions surrounding our future at point guard, Stockton retired though and we have Devin Harris. I like Devin, he has played extremely well in the past few weeks and has literally carried the Jazz to victory more than once this season. When Devin plays like he did against the Spurs, there is no question in my mind that I want him staying with the Jazz.. How much can we count on Devin playing at the level he has lately?

Many Jazz fans have been tweeting about Goran Dragic of the Houston Rockets (yay we get a first hand look at him tonight)


Who would you rather have Dragic or Harris? Would Dragic really be able to keep up that level of play? If I remember right he seemed pretty streaky in Phoenix. I know 19 games is more than just a streak but I don't think it is a proper sample size. Remember #Linsanity :)

Speaking of point guards, as we all know, the Jazz picked up a new point guard from the D-League. Mike Sorensen from the Deseret News has a nice story on him.

Some highlights:

MORE AHEARN: When asked why he was wearing No. 2, he replied, "That's what I got handed to me. I'm not going to be a stickler about it." In the past, Ahearn has worn Nos. 13 and 6.

In talking about who he models his game after, he nodded to the retired jerseys at the top of the Zions Bank Center.

John Stockton?

Nope, Pete Maravich, whom he called, "my favorite player of all time."

Ahearn also said he knows some of the current Jazz players — he played in rookie camp at Minnesota withAl Jefferson and in the D-League with Jamaal Tinsley. He also said he came to Salt Lake when he was about 12 years old for a national basketball tournament and stayed up at Snowbird.

I was always under the assumption that players got to chose their numbers, I guess that's not always the case.

Let's say you can ask any member of the Jazz past or present one question, what would it be? You can ask any former/current coach, player, owner, or member of the front office any question.

This question came to mind because Lou's cousin's husband (got that haha) posted an article on Facebook about the Simpson's. The article is an interview with the creator of the show, he reveals, where Springfield is located. I haven't watched the Simpson's in years but of course like everyone else I was curious where it was suppose to take place. Apparently it's Springfield Oregon. Once I read the article, I kind of regretted reading it. I miss not knowing and assuming its in the Midwest or just anywhere USA. But now I know and will never not know.

I was thinking is there something I really want to know about the Jazz's history, culture etc but once I find out, will I regret knowing it?