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Jazz Vs. Rockets Game Thead -- Houston, you have a problem. It's Big Al Jefferson


Game 59: Utah Jazz (30-28, Road: 9-20) @ Houston Rockets (32-25, Home: 20-8)

If the vets are our only hope, then I hope the vets continue stepping up

We're at the part of the season where the best players have to step up. And looking at the two rosters -- the best player on the floor tonight should be Al Jefferson. He's had a double double in 7 of his last 10 games, and need to continue pounding other team's front courts into the ground. He also has 11 blocks in his last 3 games. That's nearly 4 a game. That's playing big. We need Big Al to play like this the rest of the season if we're going to ride his back to the playoffs.


Also, the Rockettes are women in a kick line.


Let's Go Jazz!


Liner Notes:

  • Raja Bell (UTA), yadda yadda yadda
  • Jeremy Evans (UTA) -- sprained his right ankle last game, isn't going to go in this one
  • Josh Howard (UTA), he's out but will be 100% right after our 66th game of the year.
  • C.J. Miles (UTA), dude is also out, which sucks. His calf injury will keep him out for 1-2 weeks
  • Earl Watson (UTA) is out because he needs right knee surgery
  • Blake Ahearn (UTA) is going to out Dragic Dragic tonight
  • Kevin Martin (HOU) is out, thankfully.
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