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The NBA Cookbook's new recipe sends you to the doctor


The guys who run the NBA ( @Ananth_Pandian and @TheWagofMutombo ) asked me if I wanted to participate in their online culinary codex. How could I say no? If you love the NBA and love cooking then is really a must visit. Not only do they take a look at NBA players, their recipes, and give you ratings; they also to mini-interviews with cool people who blog as well! Some previous guests have been Megan Ann Wilson (@SheGotGame) , Danny Chau (@DannyChau) , and Dr. LIC from Freedarko. I really have no idea how I'm in that echelon. But I am grateful for the opportunity to mix in one of my other major hobbies -- cooking.

If you wanted to read more about me, and get a recipe for a dangerous meal -- you can click here.

Thanks again to Ananth and the rest of NBA! The photoshop work by Tim is truly amazing. A must see.