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Jazz Vs. Hornets Game Thread -- Hornets want win in front of new owner

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Game 60: Utah Jazz (31-28, Road: 10-20) @ New Orleans Hornets (16-42, Home: 8-22)

The Hornets just got a new owner, the NFL New Orleans Saints owner. They may want to give him, and the city a win tonight. But there are a ton of injuries . . . for both teams. You could make a pretty good team from all the guys injured. I don't know if we can overlook the Hornets. This could be a trap game. Hornets super hyped for good news, and they have been pretty good at home lately.


Liner Notes:

  • The following is a list of guys who are out:
  • PGs: Earl Watson (UTA), Jarrett Jack (NOR), Squeaky Chris Johnson (NOR)
  • SGs: Eric Gordon (NOR), Raja Bell (UTA)
  • SFs: C.J. Miles (UTA), Josh Howard (UTA)
  • PFs: Paul Millsap (UTA), Jeremy Evans (UTA)
  • Cs: Emeka Okafor (NOR)
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