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Jazz Schedule for the third week of April

Keep sitting Dwight!
Keep sitting Dwight!

April 15th to 21st

Last week the Jazz had 5 killer games on the schedule: @ San Antonio Spurs, vs. San Antonio Spurs, @ Houston Rockets, @ New Orleans Hornets, and @ Memphis Grizzlies. Five games in 7 nights is always hard. It's harder when 4 of the games are road games. We're not a good road team. I think the last time we were a good road team was back when Adam Keefe was starting. The Jazz got the mercy split with the Spurs (we almost lost that game where Popovich only played their worst players), and the surprising must-win game @ Houston. Things took a turn for the worst after that as the Jazz dropped yet ANOTHER game to the Hornets -- and followed it up with a gutsy loss that could have saved the week.

I felt like the Jazz would have gone 2/5 last week -- and I was right. I just didn't pick the right games we'd win. I thought we'd win in NOR and MEM. Oh well, it only goes to show you that Amar is only right in some of the ways, but not ALL of the ways. And I'm cool with that. I'm just a fan. Of course, this month isn't over yet. And neither is the season. And if you look at the schedule -- we still COULD make the playoffs.

Click on for more info about THIS week's three games

Jazz Schedule for the third week of April

April 15th to 21st

This week seems a lot more placid than last week.

Date Game Road Team Home Team
April 15 -
April 16 - 62 Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz
April 17 -
April 18 - 63 Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers
April 19 -
April 20 -
April 21 - 64 Orlando Magic @ Utah Jazz

I would not be surprised to see the Jazz win every game this week. The Jazz NEED to win every game this week. And there are only three games. Dallas is now the hardest game because Portland is in super tank mode having just recently shut down LaMarcus Aldridge for the season with a made up injury. When the schedule makers made the schedule back in December I don't think they anticipated Portland doing that. Similarly, Orlando is having all kinds of growing pains with Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard is out indefinitely with a herniated disc in his lower back, and Hedo Turkoglu is expected to miss the next three weeks with facial surgery. Of course, the rest of Dwight's team mates are still gunning for the win. Orlando is still within striking distance of homecourt in the first round of the playoffs, and sit at #6 in the East. The Mavs are #6 in the west, and we all know about their desires to not face up against OKC or the LAL in the 1st round of the playoffs.

I would not be surprised to see the Jazz win every game this week -- but these are OUR Jazz after all. I also would not be surprised to see the Jazz lose a winnable game either.

After this week there are only TWO more games remaining. This week is really important if we want to be a playoff team.