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We Are Utah Jazz- Down the Stretch

Ty: What are you thinking about this season Derrick?
Derrick: I want more minutes
Ty: No
(in honor of Moni)
Ty: What are you thinking about this season Derrick? Derrick: I want more minutes Ty: No (in honor of Moni)

Tonight while we were driving home from a family dinner in Salt Lake, we played a family trivia game. We would ask questions about ourselves and see who knew the most about each other. The kids were doing quite well answering questions about me. Then I asked them who my favorite basketball player of all time was. Kira and Josh both yelled JIMMER.

I was so disappointed but quietly said "no". Kira then guessed Al Jefferson. I said no. Lou finally gave them a hint by saying John, which Kira responded John Stockton! I have been thinking the last few hours how my children barely know the names John Stockton and Karl Malone. We went to Karl Malone's birthday party a few years ago at his car dealership, I think that's the only reason they have heard of him. It makes sense they were both retired before my children were born, we don't watch a ton of old games. How would they know the names of Jazz legends?

I couldn't help but think how this related to the stories coming across the wire of the new New Orleans Hornet's owner wanting to buy the name Jazz back from the Millers. I can't imagine the Jazz by any other name. What would the world be like if my kids or their kids didn't even know who the Utah Jazz were?

We are almost done with a season that we all knew would be a transitional season. What will we remember from the season following one of the worse seasons in the Jazz's history?

We have just 11 days, 5 games left in the regular season, the post season is still to be determined. It's interesting to me that at the beginning of the year there weren't many of us would thought the Jazz would make the playoffs. I did, as the forever homer optimistic Jazz fan. Its interesting that despite not many fans thinking we were a playoff caliber team, the tone of fans on twitter, here and other sites show how disappointed we are that the Jazz have lost two in a row and are most likely not going to make the playoffs. Its funny how expectations have changed since the beginning of the year.

Its curious to me that both Randy Rigby and Kevin O'Connor have both stated recently that they feel the Jazz have exceeded expectations this year yet they also have been talking about a #playoffpush the last month or two. So what does the Jazz FO really feel like this team is? One who can make the playoffs or one who exceeded expectations at being one game over .500?

Does the answer to that question change whether we win our last 5 games and make the playoffs? Will KOC be willing to role with the same team next year if we make the playoffs this year?

How do you feel we will do in our next five games? Will we make the playoffs? I am having a hard time thinking we make the playoffs, it seems to be too much of an uphill battle, its hard watching the standings always praying for other teams to lose, it would be so much easier if we were in control of our own destiny. If we don't make the playoffs are you ready for the season to be over? What will you remember from this short transitional season?