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Video of John Stockton not 'just walking away' from physical confrontations

I didn't want to put two vids up in close succession, but this was just a great find by @KelubOnSports of a video uploaded by @ProdigyJF / Adam / Memoismoney. It's fantastic. We had toughness back then. I guess part of that is the players, part of that is the coach. And part of it was the time period.

If there was a fray last night, you know the Jazz guys would have gotten the short end of the stick. We saw that earlier this season when Derrick Favors was ejected for Dirk Nowitzki being a dick. If Gordon Hayward did something to Delonte West it would make the JAZZ look bad, not the world champion Dallas Mavericks. (The Yellow journalism of SLAM already tried to take what Gordon said out of context. Too bad they didn't watch the whole interview like I did.) Still, I would like to see more toughness from our team. John Stockton took on a guy 12" taller than him.

You gotta be tough to make it in this league.