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Multiple sources reporting that Dr. Delonte West fined by NBA $25k for attempted aural sex with Gordon Hayward


As per the actual NBA here's their take:

Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West fined $25,000 for a physical taunt by poking Gordon Hayward of Utah in the ear on 4/16.

With this move, and Denver Nuggets Arron Afflalo's head shot, has Gordon become the agitator that Matt Harpring was -- while also being able to pass and block shots like Andrei Kirilenko? Is he the Gestalt Wing player? Still, one of our bigs has to at the very least get our player's backs. Otherwise the DeMarcus Cousins ' of the world are going to still think it's okay to pick on our point guards and only fear the NBA for it -- and not actually fear the Jazz.