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Jazz Vs. Portland Game Thread: A must win game in a place we seem to never win in

Game 54: Utah Jazz (27-26, Road: 8-19) @ Portland Trail Blazers (26-26, Home: 18-9)

Tonight the Jazz face off against the Portland Trail Blazers for the first of three shots this month. The Jazz play in their gym twice, and ours on the last night of the regular season. Portland is tough, they are big inside and still have a ton of good shooters who have legit three point range: Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum, Jamal Crawford, and Luke Babbitt.

Liner Notes:

  • LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) has a sprained left elbow, but played last night
  • Joel Przybilla (POR) has a sprained right knee, and missed last night's game
  • Elliot Williams (POR) will miss the rest of the season due to left shoulder surgery
  • Shawne Williams (POR) will miss the remainder of the season due to two surgeries (shoulder and foot)
  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out indefinitely because he's busy finding a psychotropic blue flower to bring to a Tibetan monastery
  • Josh Howard (UTA) is out for the rest of the remainder of the season, but he'll be ripe and ready to go the day the playoffs start. Kinda like what Carlos Boozer said that one year, remember? Yeah.
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