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Jazz Vs. Trail Blazers Post Game Thread: Jazz Win! One down, Eight more wins to go!

Game 54: Utah Jazz 102 @ Portland Trail Blazers 97

Wesley Matthews nets 33, but Paul MIllsap's 31 gets the win

What a crazy game! I am so pumped and you should be too! The Jazz don't usually win games in Portland, but they did tonight. This is exactly the type of win the Jazz need to set the tone for the rest of this month. It was a must win game, and they took care of business -- especially with the secret weapon lineup of Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, and Paul Millsap.

LaMarcus Aldridge had 27 and 7 in 38 mins (he's never impressed me as a rebounder for some reason), West went 5/6 from down town and went 10-12. His 33 points were like a whole month's worth of Raja Bell points. Nicolas Batum went 4/9 three, and Luke Babbitt went 2/3. I think I mentioned those guys by name in the game thread . . . at some stage we're going to have to learn to contest those shots. (Which starts with better dribble penetration defense)

Alec Burks continues to be in a shooting slump (2/8), but his activity is always appreciated. He had 5 assists in this game. Derrick Favors had a double double off the bench, and shot very well. Jamaal Tinsley and Earl Watson combined for 9 assists -- and Enes Kanter got a chance to visit the city of Portland.

Of course, our starting frontcourt combined for 64 points, 23 rebounds, and an amazing (for us) 10 whole free throw attempts. Nice. Gordon Hayward somehow had no assists in this game, but his 20 points and 3/5 from deep is something we always appreciate.

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