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Kyrylo Fesenko recounts his first meetings with Shaquille O'Neal (via Michael Katz for The Classical)

Former Utah Jazz center Kyrylo Fesenko is a big kid. I don't mean that he's a big guy who is a kid. No no, I mean that he's a kid, who also happens to be big. (Even today Clint was talking about his impulse control issues in the locker room) That said, I don't have it in my heart to hate kids, even ones who do not maximize their physical talents. Michael Katz (@KatzM) wrote a cool piece about different odds and ends in the NBA. One of them talks about Fes and Shaq. It starts with Fesenko's meeting of Shaq when Shaq was a member of the Miami Heat playing in Detroit, against the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs. He got a rare treat of meeting is hero, and getting in a picture with him. I actually have a copy of that picture, which you can see.


via the Public Domain, at this point -- or my old blog here.

Anyway, for more info on his meeting with Shaq and classic Fesenko style laughs read the piece by Michael Katz here.