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Magic Vs. Jazz Game Thread: Anfernee Deon Hardaway isn't walking through that door

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Game 64: Orlando Magic (36-26, Road: 16-14) @ Utah Jazz (33-30, Home: 22-8)

Biggest trap game of the season?

The Jazz need to win all the games, forever. Tonight is no different. We're up against the #6 team in the Eastern Conference -- and they'll be playing without Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, and now Earl Clark. They were already shallow inside, and that's where most of our strength lies.

We're at home. We're on a hot streak. And team camaraderie is at an all time season high.

So clearly if our Jazz team has learned anything through the ups and downs of this season it's that tonight is a trap game.

A loss here really hurts for the Jazz. A win here makes life so much easier. Our guys can't look past tonight and at the Phoenix Suns. Gotta take care of business tonight.

Gotta dominate the paint and shut everyone up.

Just win.

Or something to that effect . . .


Liner Notes:

  • Dwight Howard (ORL) is out with being selfish
  • Hedo Turkoglu (ORL) is out with facial surgery
  • Earl Clark (ORL) is out with bad luck
  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out with, uh, malaise
  • Josh Howard (UTA) is out because it's a league night
  • C.J. Miles (UTA) is out because God hates his contract years
  • Earl Watson (UTA) is out because Blake Ahearn knows what he did last summer
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