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Jazz Schedule for the Fourth week of April

Jazz Schedule for the fourth week of April

April 22nd to 26th

What a wild ride . . . two more games. Jazz so close to the playoffs. If we win them we're in. Master's of our own destiny. Honestly, this season has been a blur for me. Not making the playoffs after making it to the doorstep would hurt, but look at how far this team has returned since our franchise nadir last season when in a matter of weeks we lost our franchise rock in Head Coach Jerry Sloan, and removed a problem before it became Melo/Dwight size -- which left a huge hole in our talent pool.

Two weeks ago we had five games in seven nights, and wound up winning 2 of them. The next week we won all 3 games. Now, two left. If the Jazz hold on they'll be heading into the playoffs having gone 7-3 in their last 10. And they would be heading into the playoffs after earning it.

Of course, we still have to earn it. There is work left to be done. Two more games.

Date Game Road Team Home Team
Sunday April 22 -
Monday April 23 -
Tuesday April 24 - 65 Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz
Wednesday April 25 -
Thursday April 26 - 66 Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz
Friday April 27 -
Saturday April 28 -

This is all that stands in our way from the playoffs. The big game is Phoenix, we win, and it'll be very hard to miss out of the playoffs, as Matt Moore points out (and that I pointed out he pointed out in the previous post). Steve Nash is still Steve Nash. Marcin Gortat is still Marcin Gortat. They still have amazing three point shooters; and we really need to be able to beat them. They hold the tie breaker, we need to finish ahead of them. The last game of the regular season is against the Blazers, on fan appreciation night. And they are already out of the running by being eliminated from the playoffs. Jazz have work to do, but this is more clear now than ever before in the season: the Jazz are the master's of their destiny.

Beat the Suns. Beat the Blazers. Be in the playoffs.