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The Hug Part Two (Playoffs Baby!!!!) Edition -The Downbeat #735

Photo Courtesy: Lauren Bytheway (@lauremonoto --- follow her she is super cool!)

In case you haven't heard. #WeAreUtahJazz achieved their #playoffpush! I could not be more excited. I thought they'd make the playoffs at the beginning of the year and kept believing until that home loss against the Kings. I'm so so happy they had more faith than I did. I am super glad a freaking DeMarcus Cousins free-throw back in March did not keep us from the playoffs. ( I am also happy two losses against the Hornets didn't keep us out also)

Last nights game was FANTASTIC. I know many of our Dunkers made it to the game. I'd really love to hear what it was like at the ESA as I was stuck at the Daily Herald updating baseball boxes ;)

I loved many things about last nights game. I loved that our players weren't too tight (minus a few mins in the 3rd). I loved that despite the Suns taking a lead in the 4th the Jazz did NOT panic. I love that Al (who has been reminded several times in the last weeks how he hasn't made the playoffs in forever) helped carry the team home with an 8-0 scoring run in the 4th. I loved Harris's timely 3's. I loved Tinsley coming in and pushing the ball. I loved that none of our young kids looked scared, they looked liked they belonged and wanted to be there. I loved that the freaking Jazz played as a team with all players contributing to the victory!!!

Screen Capture courtesy of the one and only Moni! (@monilogue)

You have to be happy for all the guys but seeing that hug between Al and Paul.. wow! (Channel Two needs to get lost and stop disturbing their moment.)

Lets look back at the first Hug

I LOVED the original hug, it was such an incredible moment. The Hug Pt 2 (as dubbed by Moni) was just a 10000 times better. To think where this team was a year ago and where we are now. Those players deserve hugs from all of us too!

For your post game needs check out it has video interviews with the players and highlights of the game. @billylea does a terrific job at

Al said in his post game

Now its time to go and shock the world. I mean why not anything can happen.

Gordon had a career high in assists with 8 and Favors had a career high in blocks with 5! Our future is very bright. Speaking of bright futures, Corbin played our big lineup again, our secret weapon lineup:


How much do you think we'll see of our secret weapon lineup in the playoffs?

Steve Nash gave great compliments to the Jazz after the game. Especially commenting on the big lineup, how impressed he was with Favors defense, Millsaps great play, and Al taking over down the stretch.

Steve was asked about his future with the Suns. He openly said he has to explore all options but of course he'll consider the Suns. On the post game show they asked Phil Johnson how he felt about Nash's comments. Phil Johnson commented how Stockton never would have considered leaving the Jazz, he would just want to build the team that is around him. He never entertained offers from other teams.

It got me thinking. I love loyalty. I love when players are loyal to their team and I love when owners are loyal to their players. The fact that Stockton never had an agent and was just able to hash it out with LHM amazes me. You just don't see that anymore. I however understand its a new game, no one is going to accept less money but have a clause that his son can practice hockey once a week at the Delta Center anymore.

Do you want Steve to leave the Suns? Players can get traded so its only fair they have free agency. I however love the Stockton mold. Maybe the Suns don't even want to sign Steve to a new contract, maybe they are ready to rebuild. I do wonder why players take less money most of the time the minimum to go play with a team like Miami/LA but would never give that discount to their home team but if they did maybe the team could use the money you didn't spend on your aging star and put it towards another great player. I know no FA's want to go anywhere but LA, Miami etc so even if Steve was to take less money from the Suns (just using him as an example) its no guarantee they can grab another talented player via free agency.

Where does last night's win rank among top Jazz games? I mean its not near "the shot" and not as cool as Houston Game 7. It has to be up there for regular season games, with all the implications this game carried, right?

Ty told me we were going to win this game, and we did!