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Trail Blazers Vs. Jazz Post Game Thread: Jazz win 5 in a row (like we predicted), end season surging


Game 66: Portland Trail Blazers 94 @ Utah Jazz 96

All your base belong to Jeremy Evans

The Utah Jazz finished the 2011-2012 Season tonight with a win, capping a five game win streak. They stand at 36-30, which is a huge improvement over Head Coach Tyrone Corbin's 8-20 from last season. Bravo Ty, and Bravo Jazz.

Tonight was fan night, and Jeremy Evans played 28 minutes. So you know the fans left the Energy Solutions Arena satisfied. (Implied: Dunking)

The Starters did not get a lot of burn, regular Paul Millsap did not even play. Derrick Favors started in his place and only played half the game. Over all this was a less than crisp game where the two teams combined for nearly 30 turn overs, but thankfully the refs did not call a lot of fouls. The last possession is all the evidence you need.

Good season Jazz. I'm proud of you. Whatever you do in the playoffs will be fine by me. You exceeded my expectations and earned my unwavering support.

Thank you so much for doing that. I love it when our Jazz team is winning. And we're winning again. A lot sooner than people thought.

Thanks again for the great season Jazz fans and Jazz team.



And get ready for the playoffs starting this Sunday in San Antonio!