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Utah Jazz 2012 Schedule -- Route 66 April Review

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How crazy is this season? The Utah Jazz were not supposed to make the playoffs. The Jazz went 4-11 in February. The team was not playing well, and they just started to pile up some injuries. March was supposed to break the Jazz. And April was supposed to sweep us aside while the "real contenders" battled it out for a playoff spot. There are some interesting things that happened this season (that I’ll go into later on today); but let’s keep the focus of this post on April. There were only 13 games this month in the regular season, and most of them were scheduled to be against teams that would beat us. Unfortunately for the NBA schedule makers – that’s not what they got. And the resurgent Jazz finished this month a very surprising 9 and 4.

Let’s take a quick peek at the games:

This last month was a microcosm of the macrocosm of this season – unexpected wins, very disturbing losses, and overtimes. The Jazz started things off by beating the Portland Trail Blazers for one of the three times this month, and then following that up with a ridiculous home loss to the Phoenix Suns (our direct competition for the playoffs). The Jazz split the final two games against the San Antonio Spurs (much of that 4th game, our only win, can be thrown out though). Utah beat the Houston Rockets in Houston, then dropped two "must win-ish" games to New Orleans and Memphis. And then the Jazz dug in deep and went on their season ending Five game Road trip.

Bravo Jazz. You guys "did eet!"