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NBA Playoffs 2012, Jazz Vs. Spurs Game 1 Game Thread - Return to the Alamo

Utah Jazz Vs. San Antonio Spurs

Series: Jazz 0 - Spurs 0

Game 1

I don't have much else to say that I didn't say in the preview, and I do not have much time to say anything. So I will say:

Go Jazz!!

Of course, Game 2 is at 7 pm EST, and I'll have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do cool stuff then. I'm sure.

Liner Notes:

  • Gary Neal (SAS) is a GTD, I think.
  • C.J. Miles (UTA) is still out
  • Earl Watson (UTA) is still out
  • Apparently if you suggest that guys on San Antonio Flop you make them angry . . . so . . .

Ha ha ha.