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Suns Vs. Jazz Post Game Thread: The Road to the playoffs just got a little more complicated

Not even the Earl of Watson could stop Nash
Not even the Earl of Watson could stop Nash

Game 55: Phoenix Suns 107 @ Utah Jazz 105

Jazz lose second game in a week to late tip-in

Welp, this was a must-win game that the fates would not let the Jazz have. This isn't the end of the road, it just means that the road got a little more difficult. There are still 11 more games this month, and the Jazz need to win 8 more. That means the Jazz have to win some games that the Jazz were not supposed to win. This is possible. We've done it before. When Gandalf had to deal with his former boss throwing an avalanche on him he didn't stop. He found another way to get by. And . . . uh . . . it lead into the heart of a corrupted former fortress home where a sea creature, goblins, and then eventually this big fire devil dude all kind of ending things poorly for him.

Okay, so maybe the Gandalf example doesn't work out that great. Eventually, though, he comes back stronger and better than before. So in the end it works out.

Even if there were some bumps in the road.

And it will all work out for the Jazz too.

Especially if they ever figure out that the Suns like to shoot threes -- they made 13 tonight, at a 41.9 3pt% clip. They also had more offensive rebounds than the Jazz, and more combined blocks and steals. They were hustling for this game too, and even though Paul Millsap is amazing, Steve Nash showed us why he's so good.

Of course, Michael Redd coming off the bench to score one less bench point then our entire bench combined is something to worry about. Derrick Favors played 15 minutes, Alec Burks played 19, and Enes Kanter played 8. Playoff push.

Millsap had 25/8/6/3/2 -- which is amazing. Hayward had a 20/10 night. Big Al made some clutch jumpers down the stretch on the way to 16 and 7. C.J. Miles had 22, with 5 boards and 3 assists -- however his 1/4 night from downtown was a problem. The Jazz needed him to make one of those shots -- but we did not get it done.

Phoenix did. Hats of to them.

The Jazz aren't out of the playoffs just yet, they can still make it. They absolutely HAVE to win their second to last game against the Suns though, even though the Suns have won the series by winning tonight.

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