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Jazz Schedule for the second week of April

Jazz Schedule for the second week of April

April 8 to 14.

This is, essentially, our season. If the Jazz falter here then it is all over. The home and home series against the San Antonio Spurs sets the tone for the 3 remaining games this week -- all on the road.

Fun. Four games against playoff teams.

Date Game Road Team Home Team
April 8 - 57 Utah Jazz @ San Antonio Spurs
April 9 - 58 San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz
April 11 - 59 Utah Jazz @ Houston Rockets
April 13 - 60 Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Hornets
April 14 - 61 Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies

What is going to be interesting, aside from the two Spurs games,will be to see how the Jazz handle the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies. If the Jazz feel like they can hang they have to prove it at some point. Proving it would be finishing this week with three wins.

Also, even the New Orleans game isn't going to be super easy as Eric Gordon has returned, and he's had some killer games against the Jazz in his career -- and it could be a classic trap game. It is also the first night in a back-to-back. Jazz could be looking past them at Memphis, who seems to be handling things right now -- they just beat the Miami Heat.

But when we're talking about heat, not team is hotter in the world right now than the Spurs - who have won 10 straight and are tops in the West right now.

This week will most likely determine our season.