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Jazz Vs. Spurs Game Thread: You Can Doo eet!

Game 57: Utah Jazz (29-27, Road: 9-19) @ San Antonio Spurs (39-14, Home: 22-4)

The Spurs are straight up wrecking teams right now, and we may be down three more starters

The Spurs are a team I'm not very fond of. Part of it is because they are good and they win. The other part of it is that they always seem to beat us. Tonight (and tomorrow night) we'll have two more tough games to look back at . . . and hopefully be proud of. We can beat the Spurs. Really. I'm not just trying to convince myself by typing it.

C'mon Jazz. You can doo eet!

Liner Notes:

  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out, you know, trying to find a 9th opinion on his knee
  • Josh Howard (UTA) is out, but totally ready to come back by April 24th
  • Al Jefferson (UTA) is probably for tonight due to a strained abdominal muscle, which shows that "hey, he does TOO have abs!"
  • C.J. Miles (UTA) is questionable for tonight
  • Paul Millsap (UTA) is probably for tonight
  • If you added Devin Harris (UTA) to that list you'd have 6 of our Top 8 guys.
  • San Antonio has no injuries
  • And I hate them
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