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Jazz Rookie Alec Burks -- cookie crumbled?


Alec Burks shot 1/5 last night. When the Jazz need bench scoring, and so many people are out, you'd kind of want your high scoring NCAA guy to step in and share some of the load. He went 1/5 last night -- while finishing with 4 points. Four points. Really. Four points off of five shots really looks bad.

Well, didn't he also shoot 1/7 a few games back? And then 2/7 a few games before that? Dude must be done. How else do you make such sweeping, baked goods style generalizations? Cookies don't lie.

I looked at Alec Burks' last 15 games. In the last 15 games he has played 327.4667 minutes (approx), and scored 140 points. In order to score those 140 points he shot 50/125, while getting to the free throw line 51 times. What does this all average to?

It means that he, in the last 15 games (including the Spurs game), is . . .

  • averaging 21.8 mpg
  • averaging 9.3 ppg
  • averaging 8.3 shots a game
  • averaging 40.0 fg%
  • averaging 3.4 free throw attempts per game
  • and he's averaging 1.12 points per shot

Those numbers do not blow anyone away.

For the season (including the Jazz last game where they needed 93 shots to score 104 points vs. the Spurs) the Jazz have a 1.18 PPS value. Big Al Jefferson has a season average of 1.12 PPS. (But he shoots it a lot more than Burks' 8 shots a game during the last 15 games, which only means his inefficiency hurts the team more). And for the season, Burks has a 1.16 PPS value.

So, at the very least if we're looking at scoring, and efficiency -- yes, in the last 15 Burks has a lower PPS value than his over-all season average. By the same token, Burks has lowered his PPS value all the way down to super duper veteran Al Jefferson's season average.

If Burks is a crumbled cookie, one can only wonder what flour based baked goods analogy one can use for our biggest offensive piece having the same PPS value as a soggy, crumbled rookie cookie that got too much playing time in the last 15 games?