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Jazz Roster Addition Blake Ahearn - What does this mean?

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The Jazz have signed a fourth PG to the roster. The signing is for a 10 day contract. If he signs it today his contract will expire right after the road game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Signing a guy at the end of the season when we're super injured is not unknown to Jazz fans. The front office did this last season with Kyle Weaver, who had a number of okay games for us -- but the Jazz did not even bring him back to training camp the next season.

I think this is the case for Ahearn. He's here for now, and probably isn't here for the long term. The unsaid issue here, though, is that this means one of our Top 3 PGs is more hurt than we know. During the course of Ahearn's 10 day contract the Jazz play tonight against the Spurs at home (he's not going to play in this), then on the road @ Hou, @ NOR, @ MEM, vs. DAL, and then @ POR. That's five games.

He may not even get much playing time, but the Jazz always roll deep with 3 healthy PGs whenever possible. This was a doctrine rule back when the Jazz had only 12 men rosters (look it up, I did). This means Earl Watson's MRI is positive. Or that he's hurt enough to not be available during our playoff push.

No disrespect to Blake, but I don't expect him to solve all of our problems. At the NBA level he did shoot 12/38 from deep (31.6%); and at the NBA-DL level he's shot 395/980 (40.3%). That's a start though, we need guys who can spread the floor. Dude also doesn't miss free throws (95.5% in the DL, 97% in the NBA). We also need that.

But I think this signing is a product of Watson being hurt (not reported yet, but do the math -- why do you sign a guy for a 10 day contract when the rest of the season is only 17 more days? This is super urgent because of our doctrine to try to suit up 3 healthy PGs as much as possible. (This was not the case when Jamaal was the only healthy PG in a loss this season in Golden State though -- but the other two guys got healthy right after)

Welcome Blake. Don't really unpack though. You're used for this one road trip coming up the rest of this week. Jazz don't usually play guys who don't practice with the team at least once. Hope you're ready to go tomorrow before the team flies out to Houston.