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Spurs Vs. Jazz Post Game Thread -- Yes we deed eet!

It still counts as a W, right?
It still counts as a W, right?

Game 58: San Antonio Spurs Select Team 84 @ Utah Jazz 91

Yes We Deed eet!

We beat the Spurs* !!! Woo! Playoff Push! Jazz went to the free throw line 33 times (Spurs only 10), collected 50 rebounds, had 13 blocks and most importantly got the W!

Devin Harris had 25 / 6 / 6, with another 3 threes made. Great job by him, and he went to the line more than the other team did combined. Paul Millsap had an 18 and 10 double double, and the exclamation point on the game with a great putback slam. Big Al Jefferson had a 12 and 10 double double with 3 assists and 4 blocks. Together those three guys were the difference in a 7 point home win against a Spurs team led by DeJuan Blair and Boris Diaw. Stephen Jackson shot 2/13, and we still almost didn't get the win.

Let's not forget that we need every win possible, so we accept this one. But it was gifted to us by Greg Poppovich who held out their three best players. If one of those guys plays it's a different story tonight -- and maybe the end of our season!

The Jazz now need 6 more wins in the next 8 games! Let's Go!

We Can doo eet!

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