FanPost's Top 10 Jazz Plays of 2012 - What Do You Think?

The NBA posted what they think were Utah's Top 10 plays of this lockout shortened season on Unfortunately, the videos are unembeddable, so you'll have to click on the link to watch the plays.

Jazz Top 10 Plays of 2012

Let's run down the plays. I'll give my thoughts on each play individually, and then you can give yours in the comments.

10. Favors' block on behind on Gortat in the Phoenix game. This was an excellent block, but I felt the far better one was this one, where he flies alongside Gortat for the block (go to 0:29 in the video for the play I'm talking about):

9. Millsap toasts Morris and dunks slightly over Gortat. It was pretty, but... I feel like there have been several similar moments by both Millsap and Al all season. Poor Gortat.

8. Tinsley's dribble between the legs of Mohammed and subsequent pull up jumper. So creative, I felt it should be higher.

7. Favors huge dunk over Splitter in the first April game against the Spurs. Love this play as well, Boone and Bolerjack's non-reaction absolutely kills the moment.

6. Gordon Hayward chasedown block, to Devin Harris dive for ball, to Hayward coast-to-coast dunk. Fantastic team play; each play individually is probably not top-10 moment worthy, but the whole sequence is great.

5. Millsap putback dunk at the end of the second San Antonio game in April. I love this play because he starts at the 3 point line, runs all 24 feet while the shot is in the air, and puts it down with one hand. Boler kills the commentary on this one, well done.

4. Favors' dunk and and-one in the final 30 second of the GSW home game to tie it. Huge play to get us in the playoffs, while Al was out, less huge for our GSW pick.

3. Here, they combined Millsap's putback at the end of regulation and the 3 to tie in overtime against Toronto, at home. They would both be huge plays, except that we lost the game, and as highlights... aren't all that impressive. I'm not even sure this would be in the top 10 for me. And putting 2 completely different plays in one highlight is totally cheating.

2. The G-Time double block in Boston, to awkward Kanter layup and-one. I love this play, and I think it's significantly helped by two factors. First, the camera which stays on Hayward, watching his emotional expression as he realizes that he's going to have to make the play again, after already exhausted from playing the entire quarter. It's beautiful camera work, whoever did it deserves a raise. Second, Locke's call is excellent and hilariously somewhat over the top.

1. Millsap's putback dunk at the end of regulation of the Dallas game. In terms of our playoff odds, I would argue that this is the single most important play of the season, our playoff expectancy probably went up 10% on this single play. The combination of the importance, and that it's absolutely awesome that he can maneuver around Dirk and get the dunk in mean that this is truly an excellent choice for #1 play of the Jazz year, in my mind.

But what do you think? Can you think of other plays that should have made the Top 10? Would you change the order of the NBA's playlist? Or is it perfect as is? Let us know in the comments.

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