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Spurs Gregg Popovich to be named NBA's Coach of the Year 2012

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Gregg Popovich, coaching three automatic Hall of Famers on the San Antonio Spurs, took a four time championship team to the top record in the Western Conference in a lockout shortened year. It was an amazing job. Congrats! He was just announced as the Coach of the Year. Good for him. His trophy from 2002-2003 will have good company now.

I'm anxious to see how the vote breakdown went. You know, to see if Tyrone Corbin (love him or hate him -- I know I love him) got many votes. The Powerhouse Utah Jazz were universally expected to make the playoffs with their roster of no All-Stars (unless you're counting Devin Harris and Josh Howard from half a decade ago). If there ever was a situation where the normal rules for CoY applied (given to young coach who takes a no name team farther than expected with a bad roster) it of course wouldn't be applied in order to help the Jazz.

Great job Ty, keep learning from guys like Gregg. He's a 4x champion, and smarminess aside, winning 50 games in a 66 game season is very hard to do.

Also, it should be noted that Public Enemy frontman Chuck D said (on twitter) Tyrone Corbin should be CoY.


So yeah. Fight the power!

Assist to @da_breezman for always being awesome!