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Communication includes remembering a dude's correct name, right? - The Downbeat - #746

So, Ty can't remember Alec's correct name, and SB Nation can't crop a picture correctly. I like this unexpected metaphor.
So, Ty can't remember Alec's correct name, and SB Nation can't crop a picture correctly. I like this unexpected metaphor.

I've been so jealous of the other SLC Dunkers this week. Clark got the pre-game 4 and post-game 4 Downbeats. Diana got the immediately after the locker cleanouts Downbeat. Moni's will be awesome, funny, and brilliant because that's just how she does things. And I get Thursday, i.e. the morning after nothing new can happen for a month Downbeat.

Locke had an interesting piece comparing Alec's rookie year to those of other players. The three players that were the closest comparison were: Larry Hughes, Luol Deng, and Russell Westbrook. Yes, this is the Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots Larry Hughes. Well, Alec as a rookie shot better than all but three of Larry's seasons. So hopefully we don't have to freak out about that.

But the other two: if Alec could play like the love child of Deng and Westbrook, then WOW. That is one incredible SG. Hopefully Alec's progress isn't slowed by the fact that he played two to three times fewer minutes as rookie than those guys.

But really, here's the funniest part of the article:

Part of the difficultly [to comparing Alec] in [sic] an over loaded and evidentially very unhappy wing position Burks only got 939 minutes of playing time.

Only Locke and Corbin could conspire to make a wing rotation including Raja Bell and Josh Howard, plus the worst three-point shooting in the league, qualify as overloaded.

If you want to see what overloaded REALLY is, look at our frontcourt next year if there are no changes

It really bothers me that the exit interviews with the players and the Official KFAN Stance seem so different. KFAN fawns over Corbin. Locke sang him praises, making his leadership sound like that of Colin Powell. Matt Harpring freaked out on Twitter every time a player didn't call Corbin the greatest.

Yet that players had issues with Corbin should tell us that Locke's Magical Locker Room overseen by the Wise and Powerful Wizard named Corbin didn't really exist in the first place. And it's interesting that it's not just Raja and CJ who discussed Ty's poor communication. Devin did too. I can't figure out what Hayward said, but whatever it was it made Harpring mad:

And really, how great of a Communicator can Ty Corbin be right now if he thinks his second best wing's name is Alex?

I don't want to rabble-rouse. I don't want everyone to decide I'm a Ty Corbin hater just like I'm a Big Al hater. But can we please be honest? Corbin got the team to play hard. He did a good job. But he wasn't perfect. His communication with the players obviously needs to improve. He needs a game plan that incorporates strengths of all players, not just two. And the tight locker room appears to be a product of the players themselves, not the leadership of the coach.

Much will be discussed about the Jazz in the future over the next few months. You can already see it popping up in Fan Posts. The SLC Dunk crew will likely have tons of opinions and hopes that you'll be bombarded with. I'm already working on my 2012 Off-Season Manifesto.

I don't want to spoil it all, but what I'll say right now is this: Kevin O'Conner, please plan ahead.