Erik Bork. . . the meaning behind the name

I started playing with a name search engine to find out the meaning of different names for our jazz team. The most famous, Erik Bork, actually does turn up as a real name. It's meaning, and the meaning of several of our other favorite jazz players is after the jump.

(definitions are made by combining the meaning of the first and last names)

Erik Bork--honorable ruler that dwells by a birch tree

Alec Burks--Protector of men that dwells near the stronghold (he does live in the paint)

Gordon Hayward--Official for protecting the round hill from wandering cattle (He does good at keeping guys out of the paint)

Derrick Favors--Famous ruler that looks like some other famous ruler (Please post look alike pictures in comments)

Enes Kanter--Master of music that happens to be human

Paul Millsap--Small driver of work animals (hey, he is a short PF)

Al Jefferson--Handsome son of a peaceful man (No wonder he avoids contact in the post)

Devin Harris--Poet son of a ruler

Raja Bell--Handsome king

Josh Howard--God saves and ewe herder (5 points to whoever can combine those two meanings [I think this is analogous to how his game doesn't combine with the jazz system])

CJ Miles--Bald descendant of a soldier

Earl Watson--Noble son of Wat

Jamaal Tinsley--Handsome guy from Tynne's Hill

Jeremy Evans--God will uplift the gracious gift of Jehovah (no wonder gravity doesn't effect him)

Demarre Carrol--The upstart grandson of a stag

Blake Ahearn--Pale, blonde grandson of a homeowner

and for fun, our two favorite past jazzmen. . .

John Stockton--Man from stockton, England and God is gracious

Karl Malone--Manly grandson of the servant of St. John (now that is a weird coincidence)

Hope you enjoyed!

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