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Free Contest: Spurs Vs. Jazz Game 3 -- Guess the Game Score Results!


Guess the Game score #19: San Antonio Spurs 102 -- Utah Jazz 90

Sorry these are so late. Because of the problems in my excel sheet, and the errors we had the last two GTGSs I wanted to take my time, not rush, and get this right the first time. I re-did the entire excel sheet (from Guess the Game Score #1 all the way up to Game #20). Everything is perfect now. Because we're going to get a lot of GTGS posts in a short succession this is just a quick look at who won this round:

GTGS #19- at San Antonio Spurs GAME 3
3 92 101 P-Will
4 93 103 Griffin Hoopes @griffinhoopes
4 87 103 BlazingDeath
5 92 105 Aaron @CocoDreamboat
7 92 97 Jeremy Bowers @cubiclelord
8 97 101 dwillforlife (SBN)

Great job everyone!