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SLC Dunk Roster move: Introducing . . . Andy Larsen

Hey SLC Dunkers -- if you are an astute observer you probably figured it out by now -- but Andy Larsen has decided to take his talents to the SLC Dunk beach. As a result this is how I felt.

Jokes aside, we all know that Andy is clutch. We've seen and read his work for YEARS on Jazzbots/Jazz360. We've followed him on twitter @andyblarsen. And in the last few weeks we've seen him hit home runs with his posts here. Of course, Andy is going to be a great asset, and you all will give him a warm welcome.

<insert image of him signing his contract at SLC Dunk press conf, now image of him holding up jersey and smiling, while I make my best KOC "yes this is my happy face" expression in the background>

Check out Andy's portfolio here at SLC Dunk!

Also -- we're not bringing in Andy to do all the work. And we're not going to pair him up with scrubs like me. We want to give the best fan experience to the whole Jazz community. So we're not done talent scouting yet. Lots more to come in the coming days. Like LeBron James says up there, "Rome wasn't built in one day." And neither was this blog built in one day. Lots of work left -- and remember fans -- we're working to bring you new Jazz information several times a day all off-season long.