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We Are Utah Jazz: Sticking Together

I have not been able to stop staring at this photo (that we have all seen, many, many times) and it's not because of what was going on during that moment it is because of how we as fans and how Jazz players can relate to both Larry and Greg.

[Ed. Note: had to remove the infamous picture of Greg Miller holding Larry Miller back]


We as fans have our hot button issues, those topics that no matter what, we have to express our opinions, we are always right and we will defend our opinion to the death. There is nothing wrong with having hot topics. We are fans we don't always need to be logical, we have the right to have our opinions just like Larry had the right to fight that Denver fan.

It seems like this season our hot button issues were:

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  • Al Jefferson
  • Playing time for the young kids
  • Ty's rotations
  • Playoffs vs Lottery Pick
Its OK as fans to disagree. Here at SLC Dunk I believe BBJ and now Amar have created environment where we all feel free to express our opinions whether they are popular or not. We have all played the role of Larry and we have all played the role of Greg.

As we jump into the off season there will be a lot of time to discuss the same topics again and again. We will see many posts and comments about how we need to trade Al or Paul to open the way to for Favors. We will see many ideas about different free agent to sign to the Jazz. We will have opinions when we find out that the Jazz picked up Ty's extension or if they don't. We will talk about the Jazz's offense and defense and how the Jazz need to start recognizing that the 3 pointer actually does exist.

We don't know if we have a first round pick yet, we imagine there will be a lot of action on Draft Day but what if there isn't. What if KOC decides to stay pat because we did make the playoffs and you know sometimes the best move is the one that isn't made. There are many ideas that will elicit strong opinions from us.

Lets allow fans to express their opinions without the fear that they will be picked on or teamed up against for sharing an opinion that maybe isn't' popular.

Al shared that the thing that surprised him the most this season is how the team stuck together. The Jazz were great at sticking together throughout the season. No matter the adversities that faced them within the locker room or on the court they stayed together as a team. Sticking together probably allowed them to succeed more than their talent level and experience should have allowed.

Lets stick together this off season on SLC Dunk no matter the moves the Jazz make and our subsequent opinions on such moves.

Do you feel welcome to share your opinion on this site?