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The Downbeat #750 - The Well is Drying Up

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As you can tell from the clever DB title, Jazz news is starting to get pretty scarce. We've hit that lull happens every year between the end of the Jazz season to either the lottery drawing or the draft itself. This season we could spend a little extra time wandering the proverbial desert unless something gets shaken up on May 30th.

That being said, we could also have a wild summer starting with the draft depending on how the Jazz play things. Clark and Andy have done a fantastic job in laying out just about every conceivable scenario in which the Jazz use their assets, all we can do now is sit back and enjoy the ride.

One thing that I have been mulling over in my brain since the end of the Spurs series is what I call the Millsap dilemma. What I'm about to say may not go over well with a large contingency of Dunkers, even some of my peers on the Dunk roster, but I have come to a conclusion on the best way to improve this team and keep a player we adore. Millsap has to move to the bench. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that the Jazz will never win a championship with Millsap as their starting PF. As good as he is, they are simply too undersized for them to be effective and frankly, all things being considered Favors defensive prowess probably puts him pretty close to being the "best player" for the position.

Think about it. If Millsap embraced the role of 6th man ala Manu, Odom, Terry, or Harden, he would destroy 90% of the backup PF's and SF's in the league. To have that skilled of a player anchoring the bench is the type of thing that contenders are made of. Unfortunately, those same attributes that made him evolve from a second round pick to a fringe all-star are the same that won't allow him to be comfortable being relegated to a bench role- not for long anyway.

Over at her blog, Moni has the intel on DWill hanging out in Russia with his homeboy AK. This strikes me as quite odd. It always seemed that their relationship was a bit tentative when they played together here, so to see Deron over there attending games and going on double dates with AK and Masha a bit strange. Does he have ulterior motives? Is he trying to recruit him? For which team? It is entirely possible that Deron and AK developed a relationship after they left the Jazz. Deron seems to have matured quite a bit and for some reason is wont to surround himself with ex-Jazz teammates. Personally, I think it would be great to see them together somewhere just as it was when Memo joined the Nets. I think I will always be a bit sentimental towards those guys, especially Deron.

I hope everyone has continued to follow the playoffs. I haven't had time to follow as close as I like because of a new job, but they have been pretty great, especially this second round. I'm sure many of you have your "alternate" teams. I try to always keep mine in the East, so my alternate teams are the Sixers and the Pacers, and both teams managed to steal the second game on the road. Both of those series are going to be very good, but I don't think any of the EC teams have a chance against the Spurs and Thunder, that is becoming more apparent.

The official start dates for the summer leagues:

Orlando: July 9-13 (tentatively)

Vegas: July 13-22

With the Olympic team practicing in Vegas from July 6th to the 12th, it looks like the Jazz are going to have to be in the Vegas league, unless they decide to field a team minus Favors and Hayward.