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NBA Competition Committee adds new members, including Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor

The Competition committee is a small group, cabal if you will, of individuals who vote and discuss prospective rules changes to the NBA game. Everything from determining how flops are punished, to proposals to a four point line have to go through this group. The NBA's board of governors decided that this Comp committee needed to change. According to the SL Trib the committee "will now include two owners, four general managers, three head coaches and one representative from the NBA Players Association" (SL Trib, 2012). Fun stuff.

NBA's Competition Committee
General Manager Bryan Colangelo Toronto Raptors
General Manager Kevin O'Connor Utah Jazz
General Manager Mitch Kupchak Los Angeles Lakers
General Manager Sam Presti Oklahoma City Thunder
Head Coach Doc Rivers Boston Celtics
Head Coach Lionel Hollins Memphis Grizzlies
Head Coach Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks
NBA Player TBA
Team Owner Dan Gilbert Cleveland Cavaliers
Team Owner Joe Lacob Golden State Warriors

As you can see from that list, right now 9 of the 10 members have been decided. And 5 of the members represent "smaller" markets (counting Toronto as a smaller market despite the fact that it is essentially a more polite version of New York city, with more parking spots). If the NBA player comes from a big market team, like Chicago, it will make it 'even' in terms of small market vs. large market.

Of course, it will remain to be seen how great a disparity exists between the markets despite any protracted gesture of 'fairness' by adding KOC to this group. Hope these guys can work together to help rectify a lot of the problems the league currently has. I think it would be good to have two refs as part of this group to. They are a major problem in this league, and would need to be involved if there was going to be a real look at flopping and any real attempts to remove it from the game.