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Former Jazz Bigman Thurl Bailey dunks on Sixers Manute Bol

There's a lot of stuff to get to still this year, but I thought I would mix it up a bit by putting in a post that takes, literally, seconds to digest. Here's former Utah Jazz Bigman Thurl Bailey, all 6'11 of him, dunking on the Philadelphia 76ers Manute Bol. Manute was 7'7 (or 7'6 depending on sources). Manute had a really tough life and after his NBA career ended he focused on bringing peace and future prosperity to his home land. He ended up having to leave his native Sudan for a while after things started going crazy over there. Despite being a professional athlete in the US, he chose to spend a lot of his time doing work in refugee camps and assisting other people in his homeland. (One of his camp attendees was actually a young Luol Deng, who now plays for the Chicago Bulls) Bol had a really tough life has his homeland went into 'super duper civil war', which was not resolved until a year after his death.

On the other hand, Thurl played the part of Goliath in a straight to DVD musical Bible stories movie. Here's Thurl dunking it on Manute:

Always, of course, this was uploaded by Adam @ProdigyJF (twitter) / MemoisMoney (YouTube). He doesn't get the assist for this post, without his work there would be no post.