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Quick Poll: Should the Utah Jazz go to the Las Vegas Summer league or Orlando Summer League?

Because of yesterday's mini-blow up I thought this would be interesting to do. First of all, we know that the Rocky Mountain Review is gone, and it would have been the first choice. That's not an option. The Utah Jazz look to have two options this time around: Vegas or Orlando. And for the purpose of this poll, think that this is just for THIS year; not that this has the be the only one the Jazz go to ever.


  • Closer
  • More Media
  • More teams
  • Schedule does not interfere with USA Select vs. Team USA team
  • ...which would allow 20 year old Derrick Favors and 21 year old Gordon Hayward to participate with our team
  • may still be some bad blood about Vegas shutting down the RMR
  • "distractions" -- you know because our players are all cloistered saints in training (how many kids did Karl Malone have out of wedlock? how many times was Jamaal Tinsley arrested? Are you trying to tell me Enes Kanter hasn't seen a boobie before?)


  • Father away
  • quieter
  • less spectacle (E.g. No Nate Robinson jersey ceremony)
  • less competition
  • have been going there, the last few years
  • Disney world
  • conflicts with USA Select vs. Team USA deal; and hence, no Gordon or Derrick

Yes, there is talk of going to both this year. Which some teams have done in the past. That would be really cool if it happens though. Who knows what our team will do? What do you think our team should do?