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NBA TV will air Dream Team documentary on June 13th

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So set your DVR's.

I think that, without a doubt, the Dream Team was the best basketball team ever. The only way you could have improved it for that time and place would have been to replace Christian Laettner with either Isiah Thomas or Joe Dumars. Both of those guys were on the top of their games, and John Stockton's injury made the team a little distributor short. Well, traditionally short. They had Scottie Pippen playing some PG during the tournament. (Really, they did) I remember this team vividly.

They were such big news that even in Canada they could not stop talking about them. (For the record, Canada finished #11th over-all, so not bad for a country with such a small population)

Well, NBA TV is doing a 20th year anniversary (man, I'm old) documentary of this team. All the details can be found on their official release webpage here. But, here are some bullet points:

  • Will air on Wednesday, June 13th, at 9 pm EST
  • Features recent interviews with all 12 players
  • 90 minutes in length
  • "never before seen" footage, including a documented loss
  • story and footage of the legendary practice with Magic's team vs. Jordan's team. (In practice scrimmages they were told not to go crazy on each other, but one time they did. The teams in practice were always split between East vs. West as well -- so it was a huge ego game for all involved)
  • How the team was chosen
  • and about a BILLION commercials

That last part is not part of the press release, but you can expect it.