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The Well is SO Dry - The Downbeat - #752

So...what are y'all doing with the time that you used to spend watching the Jazz?

You know what's great about the Jazz fan community? There are so many talented fans that do great Jazz-related things and are generous enough to share it with the rest of us.

Adam (@prodigyJF; memoismoney on Youtube) is one such fan, and here's his sublime 2011-2012 Derrick Favors mix that we've all been looking forward to since the season ended:

If that doesn't make you excited about the future, please check for a pulse.

And then there's illustrator extraordinaire @jashin_mizuho, who did this drawing of @clintonite33, @davidjsmith1322, and our own Diana Allen from the time they were invited by Greg Miller to attend the Jazz game against Memphis on Jan. 6:

As Diana pointed out, Mizuho got it right down to the last detail, including how she sat there all night with her hands folded in her lap like a good little girl. :)

Why is that for as long as I can remember (even back to the Stockton and Malone days), 3-point shooting has always been our #1 draft need and #1 offseason need?

Clark talked about 3-point shooting and how the Jazz can improve in that area.

When Kevin O'Connor was asked about his top priority this offseason a few days ago, he paused for a full five seconds and then repeated the question before answering. While his response was in fact "shooting," there was also a lot of "fine print" in his answer (e.g. many shooters can't get a shot off, we want a shooter that can also play defense and get open, etc.)

If you had to put money down, would you bank on the Jazz addressing this issue this offsesaon by:

a) Signing a young, up-and-coming, not-really-well-known player with range;

b) An older (30+), kind of broken down vet with a long history of 3-point shooting;

c) Standing pat with the guys we have. They just need to shoot better.

Almost three years ago, I wrote my first-ever Downbeat. If I recall correctly, that was the first-ever Downbeat not written by BBJ (who was on vacation).

It was a different era back in those days. Those were simpler times. Downbeats were Fanshot bullet lists with no images, videos, or hyperlinks. And we walked three miles in the snow to get to the nearest computer.

This is really just a very long-winded prelude to me asking the same question I asked in that Downbeat (yes, I have Jazz writer's block). If you could pick any Jazz player or coach to be your BFF, who would it be and why?