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Free Contest: Jazz Vs. Spurs Game 2 -- Guess the Game score

This score is clearly an 'ocho'.
This score is clearly an 'ocho'.

It's simple, guess the final score of THIS game (e.g. Jazz xx, Spurs yy), and enter the contest. You enter the contest by writing your score in the comments section or by tweeting the @slcdunk twitter account. There are five groups of winners (I expect ties) for each contest. And all the winners get put in the "winners" pool and I will be doing a draw at the end of the season to find the grand prize winners.

The prizes are going to be quite tangible, and I am still in the process of negotiating what they are. But they are going to be worth something, besides the sentimental value of being the Guess the Game Score '12 winner.

So, c'mon --

Guess the Game Score for Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs Game 2!