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Quick Poll: Risk / Reward for trying to stop Spurs guard penetration

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The Jazz so far in the series have tried not to block the shots of Spurs guards (Derrick Favors did not get the memo). I've seen Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter, and Paul Millsap all shuffle along side a San Antonio guard with their arms up, arm pits out, and be successful only in:

  1. Not blocking the shot
  2. Not changing the shot
  3. Not making the shot harder to make
  4. Not actually shepherding the offensive player outside of the paint
  5. Still getting called for the foul
  6. Sending the Spurs player to the line
  7. Not actually playing defense
  8. and looking silly.

I'd rather they try to block the shot, and get called for the foul vs. Not trying to block the shot -- and getting called for the foul anyway.

What do you think?