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Jazz Guessing Game #1: Answers

[Ed. Note: This used to be a cool RMR picture of a time out / huddle]


Now, this is something 'new' I want to do. I want to look over old photos and try to see who can remember our players. In this picture even I had trouble. There were a few guesses in the first post of this series. The only ones I could identify were:

  • (back row) Kyrylo Fesenko, Britton Johnsen (or maybe Yaroslav Korolev?), Brian Jones (first coach of the Utah Flash), and Brian Zettler;
  • (middle-ish) Kevin Kruger, Tyrone Brazelton, Earl Calloway #23, Tyrone Corbin, Scott Layden;
  • (sitting) Kevin Lyde, Kosta Koufos, Anthony Goldwire, Morris Almond

And yes, I have a crazy part of my brain where I remember information about Tyrone Brazelton and Earl Calloway. For the full 2008 Utah Jazz RMR roster, click after the jump!