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Tom Ziller re-grades the 2007 NBA Draft from Greg Oden to Milovan Rakovic, how did your team score?

[Ed. Note: Intro image used to be Morris Almond, in Utah Flash warm ups, participating in the NBA-DL All-Star Game Horse contest]


The 2007 draft was epoch changing. It ushered in a new-era of ballers who would have huge impacts upon the league. Greg Oden had been a huge news story. Kevin Durant has become a super star. Al Horford has battled injured to be a second coming of Alonzo Mourning. Yi Jianlian was a terror against stationary chairs in a closed gym. Joakim Noah was the heart of his college team, and playing in a huge market. Even the latter 1st rounders all brought something special, like Marco Belinelli, Wilson Chandler, Rudy Fernandez, Arron Afflalo -- all guys who are legit wings in this league. The second round included Carl Landry, Glen Davis (Big Baby), Josh McRoberts, Kyrylo Fesenko, Marc Gasol, Aaron Gray, and Ramon Sessions. This was, in one way, a stacked draft.

Tom Ziller took a look at it and re-graded the performance of each team, based upon what more information we have now in 2012 -- nearly five years later.

Morris Almond (25), Kyrylo Fesenko (38)
Grade: C

We're in the no-fault zone of the draft now, but there shouldn't be any credit given for Almond, who has never made it. Fesenko, though hilarious, hasn't done much either.

Check the link here for the full story. And of course, the full 2007 draft can be found here.