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SBN's Bomani Jones talks Heat Vs. Celtics, if there is a 'fix' in the NBA, and how mad the Jazz could be about it

You may or may not know who Bomani Jones is. And you may or may not know that the SBN has their own YouTube channel now. Well, when you put them together to talk about the NBA Playoffs with the theory that some times certain events are 'fixed' by the L . . . well . . . then you get a short but sweet, entertaining video to watch during your lunch break.

He starts talking about the Utah Jazz at the 2:11 mark, and other small market teams like the Milwaukee Bucks. Well, it's not like he's really talking about small market teams, he's exclaiming what their reaction would be if the NBA really did come out and be more transparent with their desires. You can read the accompanying blog post here.

Interesting / fun stuff. Well edited. And yes, here at SLC Dunk we're always looking at new inspiration to bring you new and interesting content (esp Media) in the next few months.