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Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Best Moments of the Season: Part 1

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Hey folks, this is the first in a series of posts where we go talk about the best moments this season. I think that our Utah Jazz team overachieved. We made the playoffs when I honestly thought we would have missed out. The Jazz gave me a lot to cheer for this year. Let's try to brain storm a list of all the best ones. If we can end up getting a good number then we can make an NCAA style tournament for this. (Which I think will be really fun)

Check out the working list, after the jump.

But so far this is what we have:

Date Game Situation
January 1st - 30th Going 11-4 in January
January 6th Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz Clint, Diana, David sitting with Greg courtside
January 15th Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets The Hug
January 17th Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz Lots of lobs vs. Lob City, blowout win
January 19th Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz Favors throwing the ball
January 19th Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz Earl Watson sticking up for Favors after Dirk bullied him
February 4th Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz Winning at home, Mike Brown flipping out
February 25th Jeremy Evans winning the Dunk Contest
March 2nd Miami Heat @ Utah Jazz Win
March 18th Utah @ Los Angeles Lakers Kids beating LA.
April 6th Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz Favors And-1 dunk on Biedrins
April 16th - April 26th Playoff Push (last 2 weeks of the season)
April 16th Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz 3 OT Win in April
April 24th Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz Biggest game of the season
April 26th Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz Enes Kanter's "What's up, What's up, What's up, What's up?"
April 26th Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz Comeback win vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Full Season Emergence / Potential of Hayward, Favors, Kanter, Burks
Full Season Social aspects / fan interaction / ticket give-aways / SHUT UP / Tweetups
Full Season Twitter interaction with @DJJazzyJody
End of Regular Season Making the playoffs
End of Regular Season Raja suggesting he may not be back

What am I missing? Add it in the comments section.