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Quick Poll: At his peak what will Enes Kanter's spot in the rotation be: Starter, First big off the bench, or worse?


This is a super quick poll. One of the LONG posts I'm doing needs this vital piece of information. By your estimation based upon any of the data (be it stats, what you saw this year, or your gut feeling), how good can Utah Jazz bigman Enes Kanter be? On a playoff team will he one day be good enough, and legit enough, to be a starter? Will he be a career bench guy? Or will he be stuck playing limited minutes?

This season he was the 4th big out of 5 bigs: Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap Started; Derrick Favors was the #3 big in the rotation; and only Jeremy Evans played less minutes inside than Enes did. I think it's only natural and fair to the universe that Enes as the #4 guy this year. Kevin O'Connor didn't draft him at the #3 spot so he could be a career bench guy though (right?). Hypothetically how far can Enes jump up the depth charts? Can he make the jump to #3 big (in terms of talent and production)? Can he do better? Or is he destined to be where he is as a rookie moving forward?

N.B. The aspect of "time" is not in this equation -- this isn't "Can we has Enes as startings please lineups next year super good times yet;" this is down the road at his best. That may come in two years or five years. This is just an evaluation upon his career arc and potential. Dude is only 19 years old, after all.