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Utah Jazz Statistics BONUS: How many minutes do Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, and Derrick Favors need for "Half-a-Karl"?


The sad thing about using Karl Malone as a measuring stick for your current players is that, well, he makes your current players look really bad. The Mailman is in the Hall of Fame, and was selected to play on THREE Olympic Teams (dropped out of the last one, 2000, because of his mother's illness). That means not only was he great at his peak, but he was also one of the 12 best players in the world, over 12 years in a row. None of our dudes are even All-Stars. And the numbers gives us a way to see how far ahead the Mailman was compared to our current batch of mail room boys

For his entire career, you know, 62,759 total minutes over 1,660 total games, Karl Malone averaged 25.0 ppg, and went to the free throw line 8.9 times a game. Effectively, "Half-a-Karl" would be 12.5 PTS/gm and 4.5 FTA/gm. How long do you think it would take our current group of bigmen to get "Half-a-Karl"?

Well. Here you go:

"Half a Karl"
Mins for 4.5 FTA Mins for 12.5 PPG
Al Jefferson 52.8 22.2
Paul Millsap 37.1 24.7
Derrick Favors 31.9 30.2

First of all, it takes Big Al an entire game + an entire overtime to get to the free throw line 4.5 times. Of course, Favors can get that done in almost 30 mins. It also takes Favors about 30 to reach half a Karl in points. Both Sap and Big Al score at a much faster rate -- but as we went over in the LAST post, Favors scores at a much more efficient rate. So, those two things are kind of a wash.